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Muhammad Aziz Tiwana got his early education from Hadali, District Khushab, moving on to College and University education from Government College, Joharabad and FC College, Lahore respectively. He completed his Masters in Botany from Punjab University, Lahore. Upon completion of his studies, he started practicing on different areas linked to agriculture over his land. Where after, he became interested in cattle farming and constructed various sheds for the same.

After deep thought and extensive research it became visible that managing cattle farming was not feasible in 1971. Hence, the sheds were utilized for poultry farming which was started off by 1100 egg laying birds (layer breed from Shavers). The poultry grew to a number of 70,000 birds of the same breed in the 90s. Alongside this, a fish pond and a small herd of cattle was being maintained which included buffaloes, cows and goats.

Towards 2001 his interest grew in the cattle side of his farming business, hence a further expansion was made but this was still small in number. In 2007, the sale of buffaloes was started and cross-breed cows were bought instead. This circle of buying and selling was completed in 2008 and by the end of this year he had approximately 40 cross-breed cows in the herd. After this year the focus was majorly on the dairy side of the farming business which consisted of the buying of cows and its milk production. Today in 2012, there are 220 dairy animals consisting of cows, heifers and calves and this process is ongoing.


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